Create your own Ode to Joy.


Jollify is a presentation suite that allows users to create informative and interactive presentations.
Unlike Microsoft PowerPoint, Jollify aims to make the process of creating and viewing presentations a much more joyful experience (hence the name), it also offers a unique way of creating presentations that we hope will improve productivity.
Creating a PowerPoint presentation requires a lot of clicking and dragging, when you want to add a text box for example you click to select it from the toolbar, then you drag it on the canvas and perhaps after you have typed in the text you will need to resize and reposition the text box again.
Jollify presentations are written in plain text using a special format called Markdown, this means that you can type your presentation whenever you want and just copy and paste or upload your presentations to Jollify when you are ready for present.
Here is an example of a presentation written in Markdown:

# Title

Welcome to my **presentation!**

## Subtitle

# Slide 2

* List
  * abc
  * 123


# Slide 3

| Column1 | Column2 | Column3 |
| ------- | ------- | ------- |
| 123     | 456     | 789     |


When you create a Jollify presentation, you do not have to worry about positioning as everything is aligned centrally by default.
Of course the app does also offer a design interface for fine positioning as well as adding some unique feature to your presentation:

Web Assembly presentation Software Engineering Open Src Pitch presentation Waypoints (VR presentation test) Temple (VR experience test)


As well as creating a simple presentation, Jollify also incorporates a number of Open Source projects to add some unique feature:

Developer Job advert Operations Controller Job advert


I started the project with education in mind, in 2015 the government introduced a new GCSE Computer Science lesson, so I wanted to provide Continued Professional Development (CPD) to teachers.
However, the software has more chance of being successful rather than me trying to train teachers all on my own, so I have abandoned the idea of CPD.
I would still like to help children and I believe in future the company could have a .edu sub-domain and I am also keen to visit schools.

About me

I am a Software Developer based in Suffolk, England.
I am skilled in a number of different programming languages and technologies.

I have a physical disability called Cerebellum Ataxia and learning difficulties of Dyslexia and Dyscalculia (Math disability).
The nature of who I am would make me a good role model and inspiration for children who may be struggling in school or face difficulties in life.
I believe that my disabilities probably make me unique in the fact that I have defied expectations and I have succeeded in life.
Many public figures do talk about and raise awareness of the difficulties that children face, but children may not be able to relate to these people as much as they can to someone like me.
Unfortunately, children do commit suicide because of exam pressure, someone like me who has failed everything in life could prove to children that they have nothing to worry about.

Name and Logo

The word ‘Jollify’ means to make something joyful, it was inspired by Jupiter: The bringer of Jollity by Gustav Holst and there is also a studio album called Jollification by The Lightning Seeds.
So the idea is that this app will make your presentation a more joyful and pleasant experience for your audience.
The Dolphin on the logo was inspired when in 2018 NASA released a picture of a Dolphin shaped cloud on Jupiter.